Audialab Deep Sampling Uses AI to Make Unique New Sounds and Music

by— Audialab, an innovative technology company specializing in using AI to help musicians and music producers, has debuted Deep Sampler, a new AI-powered tool that represents a paradigm shift in professional sound design. Deep Sampler is a novel technology that allows musicians to generate an infinite number of unique, never-before-heard sounds from one input sound and

NME—I used Grimes' AI vocals to make a hit – here's how I did it. Grimes has launched a platform to create AI versions of her vocals. Kito tells NME how she harnessed the platform for her recent viral hit—New use for AI: Correctly estimating fish stocks. For the first time, a newly published artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is allowing researchers to quickly and accurately estimate coastal fish stocks without ever entering the water. This breakthrough could save millions of dollars in annual research and monitoring costs while bringing data access to least-developed countries about the sustainability of their fish stocks.

TheHill—Shell to use AI to boost deep sea oil output. British oil and gas giant Shell is set to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology from analytics firm SparkCognition to increase its deep sea oil output. The companies announced Wednesday that Shell will use SparkCognition's generative AI technology to "accelerate the pace of imaging and exploration of subsurface structures." This new AI will also aim to