• Apple Plans to Beef Up Its Advertising Business with New App Store Ad Spots

    Apple is reportedly planning to introduce new App Store ad spots in time for the holiday season. The Cupertino-based tech giant is inviting developers to an online session that introduces the new ad spots, hoping to get them to purchase advertisement space. Apple Invites Developers to Discuss New App Store Ad Spots According to CNBC, […]

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    Apple lets users uninstall the Apple Wallet app in the latest beta of iOS 16.1

    Just a week after iOS 16.1 beta 1, Apple has launched beta 2. It removes the Wallet app, and comes with features like Live Activities, battery percentage display for older iPhones, and more.

  • Apple-Acquired Weather App Dark Sky Reminding Users That iOS App Shutting Down on January 1

    The Dark Sky weather app on iOS is reminding users that it will shut down and no longer be supported starting on January 1, 2023, as previously announced. In a note on the App Store and a prompt shown to users, the app says that many of Dark Sky's features and capabilities have been integrated into the new Weather app on iOS 16, which was released to the public yesterday. "Support for the Dark Sky app will be ending on January 1st, 2023. Dark Sky's forecast technology will be...

  • Apple Allows Apps to Sell NFTs on the Apple App Store

    Apple recently announced allowing app providers to sell NFTs on its App Store. While app providers appreciated the news, they could not help but worry about Apple charging a 30% cut in every NFT transaction. With over 984,000 games and 3.5 million apps, Apple’s App Store dominates the app market alongside Google Play Store. Thus, …

  • Facebook Users Sue Meta For Tracking Them Via In-App Browsers

    Facebook users have sued its parent company Meta for allegedly tracking them via an in-app browser on iOS devices despite the strict Apple privacy policies in place. [Read More]

  • Apple plans to increase App Store prices from next month

    Apple Inc. unveiled major increases to its price tiers on apps and in-app purchases from Europe to Asia, protecting its margins as major currencies tumble against the US dollar.

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    Starbucks will offer its rewards app users a portal to Web3

    Starbucks, which is trying to revitalize the customer experience at its nearly 34,000 physical locations, is also about to enter the ethereal world of blockchain technology.

  • When Apple plans to release new ads within App store

    As if our smartphones aren’t bombarded with enough advertising, Apple now wants a slice of the ads pie The tech giant plans to release new ad “placements” as soon as the holiday season Developers got the memo first, encouraging them to buy ads. Apple wants to focus on its App store as the tech giant’s […]

  • Lawsuits against Meta claim its apps track users despite Apple's rules

    Facebook and Instagram are using a sneaky loophole to collect Apple iPhone users' data, according to two new class action lawsuits filed against the social network's parent company, Meta.According to the lawsuits, Meta has been injecting javascript tracking code into websites that users visit via the in-app browsers in Facebook and Instagram for iOS, but without user permission. In 2021, Apple rolled out its new privacy policy, called App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which requires app...

  • In-app purchases for Apple users will be costlier in these countries from Oct – TelecomLive

    Technology giant Apple has said the prices of apps and in-app purchases on the App Store will be hiked in several countries including Japan, Malaysia and the ones using Euro from October. The new prices which exclude auto-renewable subscriptions will be effective from October 5, Apple said in a blog post. According to report, the changes in prices will also reflect new regulations for Apple in Vietnam to collect and remit applicable taxes, the value added tax (VAT) and the corporate income tax...

  • Apple App Store Users Might See MORE Ads Before 2022 Ends

    Apple App Store ads might start showing up more before the year ends.

  • Apple plans to introduce new ads to the App Store by this holiday season

    Apple fans might be riding the high from the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra announcements. But, there is some bad news for iOS users, as it looks like Apple has solidified its plans to deliver more ads to its users through the App Store. We first heard about this during the