Americans are feeling gloomier about the economy

by CNN

CNN— Americans aren’t feeling gloomy about higher gas prices just yet, but they’re still on edge about inflation and the economy’s direction — and concerns are starting to surface about the possibility of a government shutdown.

Psychology Today—When a Feeling Is Not Really a Feeling. Using pseudo-feelings in communication can be harmful to your relationships. Instead, you should focus on identifying and expressing your true feelings and needs.

The Washington Times—More Americans trust Trump to fix the economy than Biden. More Americans trust former President Donald Trump to fix the economy despite President Biden’s frequent boast that he has brought the country into economic recovery with his “Bidenomics.”

NewsBusters—Dude Feels 'Unsafe' After Seeing American Flags in America. I’ve never said “get out” so fast in my life. In a now viral video shared by the popular anti-woke account, Libs of TikTok, a young user videotaped himself complaining about the number of American flags he’s seeing in America. No, this isn’t satire. The dude, Solomon, who’s Instagram bio lists him as a “he/they” posted the TikTok back in 2020, but Libs of TikTok shared it on Sunday. Presently, the video has more than four million views and more than four thousand reposts on Twitter. This...