• 7 Best Coding Gifts for Kids Who Want To Learn Programming

    It is very tricky trying to find the best coding gifts for kids who want to learn programming. There are many levels of competence, many levels of understanding, and there… View Post Originally published on 7 Best Coding Gifts for Kids Who Want To Learn Programming. DIVINE - Making life a little more DIVINE.

  • All the best smartwatches for kids

    This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.Many parents are cautious about giving smartphones to their kids. And rightly so. It opens up a whole world of safety concerns: cyber bullying, excessive screen time, and those dark corners of the internet that just aren’t child-friendly. But that doesn’t mean you have to cut your kids off from smart tech entirely. Enter: smartwatches for kids.There are various benefits to equipping your...

  • The best gifts for your boyfriend

    Getting a gift for your boyfriend is one of the hardest tasks of the gift-giving holidays. Ideally, you want to get him something that demonstrates three things: your love, your appreciation for him, and the fact that you know exactly what he likes. But striking the perfect balance between a thoughtful gift and a gift he'll actually use can be tricky, whether you're a new couple that hasn't discussed gift guidelines yet or you're running low on ideas after dating for a while.Fortunately, you...

  • The best Valentine's Day gifts for him

    Contrary to popular opinion, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be just for your significant other. That's right, it's totally OK to give a gift to a loved one whom you're not currently dating (and never will), because doing a nice thing for someone is well, nice. That doesn't make shopping for them easier, though. Getting a good gift for the guy in your life is a tough task nonetheless, especially with every brand under the sun practically screaming at you to buy whiskey stones and power tools.SEE...

  • Frontenacs were at their best in 2015-16

    Over the past 50 years, the Kingston Canadians, Raiders and Frontenacs have had their share of ups and downs. It’s well known in local sports circles that the franchise has never played in a Memorial Cup, never won an Ontario Hockey League championship or even played in an Ontario Hockey League final series. Since 1973-74, […]

  • The best gifts for the woman in your life

    Buying gifts for the special women in your life can be tricky. What do you buy a person who has everything? What should you gift to someone who's picky about their products? Our advice is to curate a gift according to her interests and personality. Taking the generic route usually sends a bad message. A gift for the lady in your life should be just that: A gift for her. Specifically. There’s a wealth of unique gift items littered across the internet, but having too many choices isn’t always...

  • Best Lego Sets and Toys for kids

    The majority of the time spent playing in childhood is devoted to teaching

  • The best Valentine's Day gifts for husbands

    Love or tolerate it, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to right the gift-giving wrongs of the holidays. Were you sure your husband would love that faux-vintage turntable, only to find out later that what he really wanted was a weighted blanket? Did you misinterpret his months of hint-dropping about homebrewing, ponying up for the perfect craft beer kit, when he was actually talking about kombucha? SEE ALSO: The best gifts for men: Creative ideas for every type of...

  • The Five Best Recurring ‘Kids in the Hall’ Characters

    It was a task that would intimidate even the great Paul Bellini

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    16 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

    You don't need to spend a lot to show that you care.

  • The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend

    Valentine’s Day can be a weird holiday to shop for, especially because every gift option seems to be themed and covered in hearts. That’s fun for the few days surrounding Feb. 14, but what about the rest of the year? What are you supposed to do with a teddy bear holding a plush heart in July?Skip the heart-shaped jewelry this year and get your girlfriend something she really wants for Valentine’s Day. Whether she’s a plant mom, into tech, or a beauty guru, you'll be able to find a gift she...

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    The 16 best iPad deals of January 2023

    Apple rarely has deals or sales, but you can still find some iPad models with sizable discounts. These are the best iPad deals that we could find.